Concert Ukulele, Gig Bag and Tuner by Bryce

Code: KI-037
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  • Concert Ukulele
  • Nylon Strings
  • GCEA Tuning
  • Clip on Tuner
  • Gig Bag
A medium sized concert ukulele with attractive rosette style binding around the body and sound hole. With a longer 17 fret neck and a slightly larger body, this ukulele produces a fuller deeper sound perfect for accompaniment. Supplied with clip on tuner and padded gig bag.
This product contains the following items..
Sapele Concert Ukulele
1 x Duluxe Concert Ukulele by Bryce
10 in Stock
Ukulele Clip on Tuner
1 x Ukulele Clip on Tuner
7 in Stock
Concert Ukulele Bag with 15mm Padding
1 x Cobra Concert Ukulele Bag with 15mm Padding and Back Straps
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