Remo 22" Powerstroke 3 Ambassador Clear Bass Drum Head

Code: P3-1322C2
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  • Ideal for Rock, Funk and R&B
  • 1-ply 14-mil Coated Film with a 2-Mil Inlay Ring and 5-Mil Top Clear Dot
  • Perfect Medium Between Powerstroke® Coated and Emperor® X™
  • Features Outstanding Overtone and Sustain Control with the Highest Durability of any 1-Ply Drumhead
Powerstroke® P3 X Coated drumheads feature outstanding overtone and sustain control with the highest durability of any 1-ply drumhead on the market. Constructed with 1-ply of 14-mil Coated film with a 2-mil inlay ring, Powerstroke® P3 X Snare heads provide controlled tones and volume for contemporary Rock, Funk and R&B applications. A perfect medium between the Powerstroke® Coated and Emperor® X™.