La Rosa Blackie Cajon

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  • Black Dyed Finish
  • Bass Boost Ring
  • Bass Boost Pack
  • Parallel Strings
La Rosa Blackie not only looks, feels and plays well but will not break the bank. Hand made in Spain, this instrument won't fail to impress you.
The sides, back and front tapa are made from different thickness wood, so the tone will vary depending where the hand hits the instrument body. Inside are two parallel snare wires, these add and extra sound dimension and add to the versatility of this instrument. Good tonal separation make this all-in-one percussion instrument a pleasure to play.
Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 470mm
Panel Thickness: Body:
9mm, Back:6mm, Tapa: 3mm
Cajon Padded Bag
Cajon Foot Pedal
Stagg Medium Cajon Bag