The Cello

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The cello is related to the viola, violin, and double bass. It dates back to the 16th century and features in much Classical, Baroque, and Romantic music, and more recently in contemporary pop and rock. Cellos are commonly made of wood and is larger than the violin but smaller than a viola. Traditional cello bows are made from brazilwood and horsehair is used as the rubbing surface of the bow which is frequently coated with rosin to help resonate the strings. It operates with 4 strings tuned to A, D, G, and C which may be metal, or synthetic, and whilst the cello is usually played with a bow it may also be plucked.

Cellos are manufactured in different sizes from the full 4/4 size down to the tiny 1/16, although these smaller cellos are mainly designed for young children.

The cello is an integral part of a chamber orchestra but will also be found in a string quartet, and as much music has been written for the cello it has become a very popular instrument.