Marching Drums

Marching drums come with a harness or rack to enable the drum to be played "on the move". Marching drums are designed to generate maximum volume and sound projection to meet outdoor conditions. To this end, the drums are designed such that;
  • The marching snare drum is deeper than that of the traditional "drum kit" with higher tension applied to the snare and head.
  • The marching tenor drum(s) can be single or multi and have open and beveled bottoms to project sound forward.
  • Marching bass drums are mounted vertically on the rack so that both heads can be played.
There are many types of marching bands all over the world; marching bands of the armed forces, community bands, religious bands, university and school bands, sporting and show bands, competition bands.... the list goes on, and all of them having fun on the move thanks to the modern marching drum design.