La Rosa Custom Cajon

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  • Natural Finish
  • Bass Boost Ring
  • Bass Boost Pack
  • 2 Parallel Strings
  • Ergonomic Edges
This La Rosa Custom Cajon has been selected by many professional percussionists for its sound and natural look. This hand crafted instrument is made from selected woods for superior tonal quality and will perform consistently in any musical environment.
Inside are parallel stringed snare wires, carefully positioned for the best effects depending on drumming intensity. The varying wood thickness and density across sides, front and rear, give multiple drumming options and sounds.
Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 470mm
Panel Thickness: Body:
9mm, Back:6mm, Tapa: 3.2mm
Cajon Padded Bag
Cajon Foot Pedal
Stagg Medium Cajon Bag