Vapor Stream Fog Machine

Code: VS1500
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  • High Power 1500w Heater
  • Massive 20,000Cuft Minute Output
  • Handheld & Wireless Remote Supplied
  • Mounting Bracket for Truss Hanging
The VS 1500 features a removable built-in LCD timer remote control with a 2.5m cable length and fits neatly into the rear of the unit to allow control from a distance. Extra XLR cables can be added to achieve further control distances. A further two remote controls are supplied with this unit, to facilitate the operation. This fogger is not suitable for DMX operation.
Heater Power: 1500w
Output: 20,000 CuFt/Min
Warm Up Time: 8 Minutes
Tank Size: 2.3 Litres
Dimensions: 570 x 310 x 230mm
Weight: 9Kg