Complete Digital Electronic Drum Kit by Bryce

Code: BDE001
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  • Complete Electronic Drum Kit
  • 10 User Defined Kits
  • 20 Demo songs
  • Easy to Use Controller
  • Line in and out Sockets
This electronic drum kit allows you to practise in silence by simply plugging some headphones in or make a racket by connecting it to a suitable powered speaker! The kit includes, kick drum, 3 toms, snare, hi hat, crash and ride, all of which connects easily to the metal frame supplied. The frame is adjustable for the perfect fit. Each drum simply plugs into the supplied controller via jack plugs, the controller has a headphone, line out, line in and midi out sockets. Quick and easy to set up and very user friendly! Controller includes lots of features suck as; 20 pre-set kits, 10 user defined kits, 20 pre-set demo songs,260 drum voices, pad sensitivity, cross talk adjustment, velocity curve adjustment and a metronome.
Dimensions Approx: 110 x 620 x1270mm
Weight: 21kg