Bags & Cases

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There are plenty of bags and cases here to keep your guitar safe and well protected. All the bag types currently shown in this section have some form of padding, so are more than just a zip-up cover. If you prefer a hard case then there are several options, either covered wooden or vacuum moulded plastic types. If you want to carry your guitar around with other equipment or  items then the bags may be the best option, since many of them have extensive accessory pockets. This is also a good option if you are moving around between gigs in town, as you can stuff other items in the spare pockets. Alternatively if you have to store your guitars in the back of a truck between performances, the hard types my prove more suitable and durable when under physical pressure from other equipment.
There are also plenty of other bags in the Stands and Hardware/Equipment Bags section of this site, so please take a look there if you need something to fit other items.