Bass Guitars

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Bass Guitar.

The bass guitar, also known simply as a bass, is a four stringed instrument primarily played with the fingers and thumb in a variety of different ways. 

The body of the guitar has similar features and is of similar size to an electric guitar. The neck of the bass guitar is slightly longer than an electric guitar in addition to the guitar head being larger, so as to accommodate for the four thick bass strings. The amount of frets on different guitars may vary but come in two designs, with frets and fretless. A bass with frets is played by pressing the strings directly onto the fret board, whereas a fretless bass is played in a similar way but the frets have been removed. This means that the positioning of the playing fingers must be more precise on the fingerboard. The bass guitar is tuned in the exact same way as the classic double bass, one octave lower than that of an electric guitar, [E, A, D and G].  Much like a full electric guitar, the bass must be amplified in some way, most commonly with the use of a bass amplifier. 

The body of the bass guitar is traditionally made of wood but other materials have been used in recent years. A wide variety of woods are used in the making of the body, fret board and head for the guitar however alder, maple and rosewood are the most commonly used. 

There are a huge range of design options available for this popular four stringed instrument such as lacquer finishes, paint variations along with flat or curved designs. Different string types and an array of pickups can be used in order to create a range of tonal options for the player.   Instruments4Music are pleased to offer a wide range of bass guitars, suitable for all levels of player.