Radio Mics

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When selecting a Radio microphone its important to consider how may Mics you will want to use simultaneously. If its two or three then it is possible to use Radio microphones designed for the unlicensed band. If you need more or will need more it may be as well to the regulated and licensed Band 39. To obtain a licence you need to contact You can register here and be allocated the appropriate frequencies, this has the added advantage that non conflicting frequencies are assigned in busy areas, such as a theatre district.

With this in mind you can select from a number of types, with cost generally increasing as the number Mics you use simultaneously increases. You can build your own system of course, but it is often more economic to buy a pre-built set in a case, these will have the necessary power supplies and aerial system included. Most of the types in this section work on the UHF bands, but for occasion use you can select one for use on VHF. These are generally cheaper and will work adequately for may applications, but can be prone to interference.