Electro Acoustic Guitars

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Electro Acoustic Guitar.

The electric acoustic guitar also called an electro-acoustic guitar is an acoustic guitar fitted with either a piezoelectric pick-up, magnetic pick-ups [similar to an electric guitar] or a microphone. In most cases, electro acoustic guitars use steel strings so magnetic pick-ups are used, however when the guitar has nylon strings, piezoelectric pick-ups must be mounted as the signal strength is too small for magnets.

Guitars fitted with piezoelectric pick-ups typically require a pre-amplifier in the main body of the guitar before the signal is sent to the main amplifier. These pick-ups have the benefit of not identifying and electromagnetic fields such as feedback and mains hum. The guitars containing these types of pick-ups usually contain tone controls such as a basic equalizer or “colouring” options.

The electro acoustic is most commonly used when the sonic characteristics of a general acoustic guitar want to be heard on a much larger scale. Experimentation with electrically amplifying instruments dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. Early examples show telephone transmitters being fitted to the inside of banjos and violins. It wasn’t until the 1920’s when guitar enthusiasts began attaching microphones the guitars bridge however the vibrations originating in this area of the guitar are somewhat weak and produce only a slight signal. As technology has progressed, various types of pick-ups and microphones have been developed in order for the guitar to be amplified in the most natural and efficient manner.  As such, electro acoustic guitars are now common place in many performances! 

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