Electric Guitars.

An electric guitar is an instrument that uses pickups to convert the vibration of the stings as it is played, into electrical impulses. Guitar pick-ups most commonly use the principle of direct electromagnetic induction. The signal generated by the pick-ups is then amplified and send to a loudspeaker for live performances or studio environments. Now that the output of the electric guitar is an electrical signal, this can now be easily manipulated using various effects such as distortion or delay. 

The earliest invention of the instrument dates back to 1931 and became a vital aspect of the Jazz band. As music genres developed over the years, the electric guitar became the most prominent instrument in many of them. This guitar has evolved into an instrument capable of many different sounds and in turn, is capable of fitting an array of genres. 

Similar to other types of guitar, the electric guitar is available in many shapes and configurations with a multitude of pick-ups and accessories for customization (you'll find many options here on our site). The way in which the instrument is played is also another way to vary the sound to fit different genres and styles. Such techniques include muting, hammering and slide. 

There are several types of electric guitar most popular being the solid body but they are also available with a hollow body, double neck and even with seven or twelve strings. Most guitars have a fixed bridge but sometimes have a hinged bridge, which enables the player to “bend” notes and chords up or down commonly referred to as vibrato.