Bongos and Conga

Bongos are widely used and popular with all styles of music. Instruments4music offer a good range of Bongos from the Bryce mini-bongo to the Stagg Deluxe Latin bongo.
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Bongos and Congas

Bongos are a connected pair (set) of single-skin conical open bottomed drums of different sizes played as a unit. Traditionanly they are held between the legs with the small bongo drum on the left. The larger bongo drum is called the hembra (female) and the smaller the macho (male). It is especially associated with Cuban music although they are believed to have originated in Africa. 
The conga drum by contrast is taller and narrow and usually played in sets of two or four. The conga drums may be played seated or standing using a rack to mount the drums . Both the bongo drums and conga drums are played with the fingers and palms, with the bongo drum producing high-pitched sounds and the conga drum naturally producing a lower bass sound.