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The Recorder

Recorders come in 6 sizes and include; the sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass. The smallest recorder (sopranino) results in the highest pitch, while the larger recorder (contrabass) produces the lowest pitch. The UK uses different names for the recorders with the most popular being the "descant recorder" (soprano recorder) and the "treble recorder" (alto recorder).

In addition, recorders come with fingering option; Baroque and "German". The "German" fingering type is usually only adopted by beginners, whilst the Baroque fingering recorder is adopted by more established players. Teachers and schools may express a preference and there is no reason why beginners should not start with either style of recorder.

Clearly price is an indicator of the quality you can expect from the recorder in particular with regard to the quality of sound,  the production of the notes and ease of use, however we do include low priced starter recorders.