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Keyboard Bags

Keyboard Bags and cases?

Keyboard bags and cases are usually sold in number of key sizes which makes purchasing simple but always worthwhile just checking dimensions to make sure your keyboard will fit in the bag you intend to buy.
Obviously hard cases give better protection than bags given their hard shell but they are more expensive to purchase than bags and have the disadvantage that they cannot be folded or rolled for compact storage when not in use.  The extra weight of a hard case might also need to be taken into account as they can weigh up to 3 or 4 times the weight of even a well padded bag.

Are cheap keyboard bags OK?
As will all things there is often a balance between quality and price and keyboard bags are no exception. Only you can judge whether you need a bag or case suitable for heavy duty applications of if a lighter weight application is better for your needs. We believe that the construction of Cobra Keyboard bags offers an excellent balance of good value and excellent protection. The thick 10mm padding in Cobra bags offers good protection with many lower price bags offering only 5mm padding or less. The heavy duty fabric, nylon beading and rubber feet give excellent protection and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. 

Keyboard bags for 61 key keyboards?
Our most popular size. See our 61 key keyboard bag here.

What are keyboard sizes?
Dimensions quoted are external and whilst the indication of size for keyboards with a set number of keys are a good guide please make sure that you make allowances for the padding on the internal dimensions.

What Keyboard bag padding is used?
The padding used on Cobra keyboard bags is 10mm thick dense foam padding which gives and excellent degree of protection.