Electronic Drums

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Electronic Drum Kits

The electronic drum kit comprises several drum "pads" mounted on a stand or rack. This is often set up to resemble an acoustic set-up and will also include electronic cymbals. Sensors are attached to the pads to generate an electric signal when the pad is struck and a drum module (computer or "brain") then produces a sound associated with the strike and the settings.

Electronic drums and cymbals are substantially lower in sound volume compared with the volume of sound generated on an acoustic drum set, which may help with the neigbours when practicing at home! Electronic drum sets can also save storage space and make for easier transportation compared to a conventional drum set.

The electronic kit is also capable of replicating many acoustic sounds as these are programmed into the computer which provides for an endless variety of sounds not possible with acoustic drum kits. The electronic drum kit has other advantages including no need to set up or use microphones to amplify the acoustic drum set, and will include many electronic features such as; in-built metronome, voices/sounds, demo material, and record and replay functions. It also reduces outlay required for consumables such as sticks, drum heads etc., as many pads are rubberised to absorb the strike.