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Speakers generally make or break a good sound system, so its worth getting the best you can afford. We have an excellent range of speakers on offer, so you can confidently select one of the brands to build your front line or fold-back system.

Keep your overall power requirement in mind and if the rig is for portable use it may be worth considering a scalable system, where you can take part of the speaker set for small gigs. The current trend is towards powered systems, where the amplifiers are built in the speaker, this is often a great solution, with High quality offerings from FBT and JB systems, In the latter case amplifiers can be retro fitted to the cabinets, so no need to decide at the original point of purchase.

Sub-woofers are usually the heaviest part of the system, so keep this in mind when making your purchase. It is reasonable to say that big woofers generally give you a better low end sound, but this has to be set against the weight, especially if you are on the road, with a small team. Lots of recent design work has also gone into making small effective bass cabinets, so despite the earlier statement don’t dismiss all the modern small styles.