Stereo Compressor Limiter

Code: CLCI-01
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  • Dual or Stereo Linked Compressor/Limiter
  • Expander/Gate on each Channel
  • Variable or Auto Attack/Release Times
  • Enhancer on each Channel
  • Bypass Switch for Processed/Unprocessed Comparison
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs and Outputs
  • LED Attenuation Meters
The CLCI-01 is a professional 19" compressor/limiter/gate designed to control the dynamic range of the signal, allowing more overall sound volume before distortion. An enhancer on each channel helps restore high frequencies under heavy compression. Also useful for protecting loudspeakers by curtailing the output once it reaches a pre-set threshold level. The gate helps to reduce noise in silent passages.
Power Supply: 115-230Vac, 50/60Hz
Unit Size: 1U
Dimensions: 482 x 44 x 180mm
Weight: 3.2Kg
Cobra Balanced XLR Mic Lead