5 String Banjo with Remo Head from Bryce Music

Code: BBJ-05
Availability: Expected Soon
  • Bluegrass Banjo
  • 5 String
  • Alloy Pot
  • 11 inch Remo Head
  • Pearloid Clover Inlays
  • High Gloss Finish
A banjo crafted with quality and playability in mind, the Bryce 5-String is perfect for folk and country musicians.
Utilizing components from a company known for producing good quality musical instruments, the Bryce 5 string banjo is sure to give you years of reliable performance. With its wooden shell and aluminium head, this banjo offers precise intonation that's perfectly tuned to accompany your favourite folk or country tunes.
Whether you're a beginner looking for a quality beginner instrument or an experienced musician who wants something unique that looks as good as it sounds, this 5-string Banjo from Bryce is perfect for any occasion!
Dimensions: 980 x 330 x 110mm
Weight: 2.34kg
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