Bryce 5 String Banjo

Code: BBJ-05
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  • Bluegrass Banjo
  • 5 String
  • Mahogany Resonator
  • Alloy Pot
  • 11 inch Remo Head
  • Pearloid Clover Inlays
  • High Gloss Finish
A perfect instrument to go with folk and country music. The Bryce 5 string banjo features a quality Remo head, mahogany resonator, mahogany body and has a aluminium shell. This banjo is normally tuned G,D,G,B,D and has good playability and intonation. The user can adjust the tail piece, which can alter the tone and volume.
Dimensions: 980 x 330 x 110mm
Weight: 2.34kg
Banjo Suede Strap