Full Size Drum Kit Black

Code: BD2190K
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  • Superior Laminated Wood Shells
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Includes Throne & Sticks
A full size drum kit with good quality chrome hardware and including everything you need to start playing. Robust laminated wood drum shells, brass cymbals and robust double braced hardware makes this more than a basic kit. This kit comes complete with cymbals, a drum stool, sticks, skins and a drum key, ready for you to unpack, set-up and play; great for practice, lessons, jam sessions and more.
Bass Drum: 22"
Tom Tom1: 12"
Tom Tom2: 13"
Floor Tom: 16"
Snare Drum: 14"
Crash Cymbal: 16"
Hi-Hat Cymbal: 14"
Weight: 38kg