NUX MG-400 Multi-Effect Pedal

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  • Expression Pedal and 2 Programmable Control Switches
  • High Definition TSAC-HD Amplifier and Effect Models
  • USB Audio Interface and PC/Mac Editor
  • Core Image Modulation, Delay and Reverb Effects
  • Fully-Featured Drum Machine and Looper
  • 12 Importable I.R. Cabinet Simulations
The NU-X MG-400 builds on the success of the ground-breaking MG-300 compact multi-FX pedal, adding dual processors and delivering high definition models and increased flexibility. Integrated effects sections include Drive, Amp Simulation, I.R cabinet simulation, Modulation, Delays & Reverbs with a host of options within each category. Audio modelling is based on the NU-X TSAC-HD algorithm, which delivers high definition analogue circuit simulation for pro quality guitar tones. An expression pedal covers wah and swell effects amongst other possibilities. All settings can be edited onboard or via USB using the downloadable PC/Mac Quicktone software and then stored into one of 36 internal memory locations. For live or rehearsal backing, the built-in Jam function has a fully featured drum machine and phrase looper. To integrate with a DAW studio suite, the USB also functions as a high quality audio interface, completing the studio-ready guitar rig. The main output can be stereo or mono for guitar amplifiers or D.I to studio equipment. There is an additional 3.5mm output for stereo headphones. Expanding the control surface has provided space for additional control footswitches for a smoother and more accessible live playing experience.
Power Supply: 9Vdc, 280mA Pin Negative (Included)
Dimensions: 289 x 160 x 71mm
Weight: 920g
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