Universal Foam Case 681 x 456 x 194mm

Code: FC175
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  • Protective Flightcase
  • Pick out Foam
  • Plywood Construction
  • Quality Metal Catches and Corners
  • Dual Layers of Foam
Keep expensive equipment well protected with this plywood case with internal pull out foam. The foam can be easily pulled out to create a snug fit around equipment. A cost effective way to protect equipment of all shapes and sizes! The lid is lined with egg box style foam, so equipment is held secure during transportation. There are two layers of foam, so the user can use one or both. There is a strong drop handle and the lid comes off with 4 catches.
External Dimensions: 688 x 470 x 215mm
Internal Foam Dimensions: 655 x 435 x 58mm (x2)
Weight: 4.70kg