Compact 15 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier by Bryce

Code: ACC-15B
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  • 15 Watt Practise Guitar Amp
  • Very Portable
  • Microphone & Headphone Inputs
  • 3 Tone Controls
  • Reverb Effect
A small, compact and very portable acoustic guitar amplifier. This 15 watt guitar amplifier has a 5" speaker and is suitable for electro acoustic guitars or ukuleles. The design fits nicely into the Bryce music range of amps, all of which offer a cost effective solution for any player. This is an ideal guitar amp to practice at home or school, there is even a microphone input so you can sing along as well.

Adjust your overall sound with the 3 way EQ, Treble, Middle and Bass and fine tune your sound with ease. You can add some reverb for different nuances or play along to backing tracks by connecting an audio source via the RCA connections. Users can play in silence if desired via the headphone socket found at the back of the amplifier. The 5" speaker is adequate for practising at home or on the move, this used in conjunction with the 15 watt power amplifier will provide you plenty of punch.

The design on the amp is completed with a tough vinyl covering, fabric front and metal corners, all of which offer great protection and keep the amp looking new even after plenty of use. The strong reinforced handle enables you to carry the amp with ease.

Overall this is a high quality portable guitar amp which provides splendid sound and delivers great value.
Power: 15 watt
Dimensions: 310 x 310 x 160mm
Weight: 4.72kg