Bryce Multi Percussion Set 17 Pieces with Case

Code: BB-17
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  • For all ages.
  • Cost Effective Percussion Set
  • Includes 17 Pieces
  • Supplied with Case
A 17 piece percussion set that is ideal for educational establishments and music groups of all ages! This great kit includes all the commonly used percussion instruments you'd expect, and all at a great price. Supplied in a strong suitcase style bag with carry handle. Includes: 1x Pair of Maracas 1x Jingle Stick 1x Pair of Hand Jingles 4x Pairs of Castanets 1x Castanet on a Stick 1x Pair of Small Bells 1x Jingle Bell on a Stick 1x Metallophone 1x Tick Tones 1x Headless Tambourine 1x Tambourine with Head 1x Triangle 1x Kettle Symbol 1x Woodblock
Dimensions 385 x 280 x 130mm