Headworn Condenser Microphone for Flute with Phantom Power Adapter

Code: CX-500FHW
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  • Headworn Omni Directional Condenser Microphone
  • 4 Pin Mini XLR Connector
  • Can be Worn Left or Right
  • Adjustable Boom for Desirable Positioning
  • Phantom Power Adapter Included
The CX-500FHW is built with full range omni-directional capsule with golden plating in and outside. The flat frequency response reproduces all types of flutes. The dynamic design of the headset can render a flute inte change easy. The option of left and right worn plus adjustable boom can help finding the best miking. CX-500FHW is bundled MA-500 phantom power adapter for wired application.
Power Supply: 1-5Vdc
Pickup Pattern: Omni Directional
Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: -58db
Impedance: 1.5k Ohms
Weight: 10g
Dual Phantom Power Adapter