Piano Accordion 120 Bass 41 Keys

Code: SPA001
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  • 41 Treble Keys
  • 120 Basses
  • 7 Registers
  • Red Perloid Effect
  • Leather Straps
  • Wooden Case
The perfect accordion for an experienced player. Reasonably priced for such a nice piece, it offers a wide sound and range comparable to much higher priced instruments. Features 41 treble keys, 120 basses, 7 registers/couplers for different sounds. Finished with an attractive red pearloid effect, supplied with a leather strap and wooden storage case. The accordion is made up 3 parts the bellows, treble keys and bass buttons. Treble keys are laid out similar to a piano, when the piano key is pressed it opens the reed hole which allows air flow to reach the reed to produce a sound. On the treble side are the register keys, these switches bring in different reeds to make a varying tone, which is particularly useful for different types of music. The bass side looks much different instead of piano keys there are just a series of switches, these are connected to rods which open and close holes to the bass end of the reed block, so chords and notes are produced.
Dimensions: 520 x 480 x 225
Weight In Box: 15.7kg
Weight: 10kg