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Piano Accordion 48 Bass 26 Keys

Code: SPA003
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  • 26 Treble Keys
  • 48 Basses
  • Red Perloid Effect
  • Leather Straps
  • Wooden Case
A great place to start for any accordion beginner! Reasonably priced yet comparable to much higher priced instruments. Features 26 treble keys, 48 basses, 3 registers/couplers for different sounds. Finished with an attractive red pearloid effect, supplied with a leather strap and wooden storage case. The accordion is made up 3 parts the bellows, treble keys and bass buttons. Treble keys are laid out similar to a piano, when the piano key is pressed it opens the reed hole which allows air flow to reach the reed to produce a sound. Also on the treble side are the register keys, these switches bring in different reeds to make a varying tone, which is particularly useful for different types of music. The bass side looks much different instead of piano keys there are just a series of switches, these are connected to rods which open and close holes to the bass end of the reed block, so chords and notes are produced. Weight of the instrument is an important consideration for a Piano accordion player and the lighter weight of only 5.6kg can be major beneift to many players
Dimensions: 390 x 410 x 210
Weight In Box: 9.88kg
Weight: 5.6kg