NES1 Wireless Digital Wind Instrument - Choice of Colour

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  • Grey or White Finish
  • 50 High Definition Tones
  • Inbuilt 5.8GHz Wireless System
  • Breath & Reed Pressure Expression
  • Integral 2 Way Speaker System
  • Rechargeable via USB
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NES1 is a wireless digital wind instrument with keys arranged to accommodate saxophone players. Powered by its own internal battery and rechargeable via USB, which also serves as an interface for firmware updates. A set of 50 high definition, multi-sampled instruments are included with expression elements based on breath and reed pressure sensors for an authentic playing experience. The internal menu drives an onboard display for playing settings and even offers an option for trumpet fingering for brass players. NES-1 is also equipped with a specially designed dual-speaker system to provide immediate sound for the player and listeners, which can also receive an audio stream via Bluetooth® for playback through the instrument. In addition to the wired main and headphones output jacks, there is a complete built-in wireless system. Opening the bottom compartment of the NES1 reveals a 5.8GHz plug-in receiver, which can be connected directly to a mixing console or audio interface for wire-free connection to a sound system or recording equipment. The bottom compartment also serves as a charging dock for the receiver, making this the most compact and convenient connection method possible. The mouthpiece is removable for cleaning and there is a neck strap attachment for support whilst playing. In all, the NES1 provides a playable and expressive instrument for saxophonists and woodwind players, whilst opening up a world of new sounds and flexibility.
Power Supply: USB 5Vdc Type-C (Included)
Battery Life: NES1:
6 hours or 5.8GHz Receiver: 4.5 Hours (Fully Charged)
Recharge Time: 2 Hours
Carrier Frequency: 5.8GHz
Dimensions: 515 x 107 x 88mm
Weight: 852g