Deluxe Tenor Ukulele by Bryce

Code: BUL003
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  • Tenor Design
  • Attractive Binding
  • 19 Frets
  • Strap Button
Create a deep and powerful sound from this well-crafted tenor Ukulele from Bryce.

Stepping up from the concert size, this tenor ukulele offers a longer 19 fret neck yet is still able to achieve the higher cords.

The body is made from Sapele wood, well known for its outstanding tonal properties, while the neck is maple. The overall look is completed with beautiful rosette detailing around the outer edge and sound-hole. High quality strings, geared machine heads and a strap button complete this lovely instrument.
Dimensions: 670 x 220 x 80mm
Ukulele Neck Strap
Ukulele Stand