Sotendo Full Size Student Violin Kit with Bow, Case & Rosin

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  • Complete Full Size Violin Set
  • Includes Case, Strings, Bow and Rosin
  • Handmade with High Quality Craftsmanship
  • Attractive Matte Finish
  • 4/4 Size Suitable for 12 Years Plus
A beautifully hand-crafted full-size violin from Sotendo, suitable for 11/12 years +.

The Sotendo full size violin is an excellent choice for any student or beginner and includes everything you need to start playing, including a bow, rosin, and sturdy plush lined case. Each model in the range is thoroughly tested by an orchestra professional, thus ensuring you will receive a high-quality instrument which is guaranteed to play well whilst offering excellent value for money.

Each Sotendo violin is handmade and hand finished making for a very precise instrument with an extremely high build quality. This is violin has a matt antique tobacco colouring. This style of finish is achieved through hand sanding, making for a much more unique violin compared to similar models in the same price range. The back and body are made from laminated linden. This wood is strong and resilient whilst still offering a comfortable and lightweight violin. The neck is maple with an ebonized hardwood finger board, the scroll and sound holes are traditionally designed for an elegant finish. The tail piece is made from aluminium alloy and has four fine tuners.

The strings are supplied already wound in for fast set up. All the violins in this range have steel core strings which have coloured silk wraps to help students identify each one, the wrappings also provide some resistance meaning they do not slip so much on the pegs. As with all violins, new strings can go out of tune quite quickly, but once tuned a few times you will find these strings produce a pitch perfect sound and have an exceptionally long life. And in the unfortunate event of a snapped string, users can make use of the spare set supplied as part of this kit. The strings are normally tuned to GDAE. Tuning is done by winding the pegs and making some small adjustments on the fine tuners found on the tail piece. The pegs are tapered, when tuning they may need to be pushed in tight to keep them in place.

The bridge is made from maple and is required to keep the strings at the correct height over the finger board. To prevent damage in transit to the violin, the bridge is not installed ahead of shipment but can be found placed under the tail piece wrapped in paper. This can be easily installed by the player.

The supplied bow is made from hardwood making it strong and reliable. The tip is ABS making it hard to accidentally damage, the nickel silver lapping and rubber thumb piece help make for a really comfy grip. Real horsehair has been used making it an ideal choice for students. The bow horsehair comes loose for transport, this can be tightened using the hex nut at the end of the bow. Before playing your new violin, you will need to apply some of the supplied rosin this adds some tackiness to the horsehair which creates the required friction when used on the strings.

For transport and storage, players can make use of the tough supplied case. This violin case offers a tough foam body and a protective fabric covering. Inside you will find a plush lining to protect your new violin. The case is lightweight for transport and features backpack straps a strong plastic handle and front accessories pocket. Inside there is a compartment for keeping the rosin and spare stings. The bow is held in place via plastic catches.
Dimensions: 600 x 210 x 180mm
Weight: 1.28mm
• Body: laminated linden
• Belly: laminated linden
• Back: laminated linden
• Finish: matt without polishing, antique sanding
• Bridge: maple
• Neck: maple with ebonized hardwood fingerboard
• Tuning Pegs: hardwood
• Chinrest: hardwood
• Endpin: hardwood
• Tailpiece: aluminium alloy with 4 tuners
• Type: Round stick hardwood with horsehair
• Adjuster: wenge with one celluloid band
• Lapping: Nickel silver with thumbpiece
• Tip: ABS
• Body: Foam
• Inside: plush lined
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