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Bryce Music 15 Watt Valve Head Guitar Amplifier

Code: TUBE15-BGX
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  • Tube Technology for a Warm Sound
  • 15 Watts of Valve Power
  • Open Front Design
  • Blue LED Glow
  • Spring Reverb
  • Over Drive or Clean Switch
  • Send and Return Sockets
  • 8 or 16 Ohm Output for Speakers
  • Foot Switch Socket
Valve amplifiers are still seen as the best sounding amplifiers, many top guitarists still prefer there rich tones. This Bryce tube amp offers a true warmth to its sound and enhances the low frequency harmics with out breaking the bank. There is nothing better than seeing the warm glow of a valve in use, but its the sound they produce which gives a real exstension to your guitar sound. This amp delivers 15 watts of power with the abilty to switch between clean and overdrive. A spring reverb has been used for that traditional sound and this can be turned on and off via a foot switch(sold seperatly). There is a 3 band equaliser to tweek your sound. The front of the amp is open so you can see the glow of the tubes and this is counter balanced by blue LEDs which iluminate the valves and etching on the front. A foot switch, return and send sockets can be found on the rear, the return and send allow you to patch in effects pedals to vary your sound even more. There are speaker sockets on the back for 8, 16 or 2x16 ohm speaker loads. This Bryce TUBE15-BGX uses 12AX7 and EI84 tubes and can be used with the Bryce MX12-BGX 12" speaker stack.
Power: 15 Watts
Dimensions: 420 x 230 x 240mm
Weight: 10kg