Guitar Accessories. 

Here you will find a wealth of guitar accessories from shoulder straps to fancy adaptors! There are many guitar accessories on the market,  some of which improve comfort and others sound. 

Remaining comfortable whilst playing the guitar is vital so there are accessories available including guitar straps, footstool and strings all to aid with comfort. Guitar straps come in various sizes and in different designs to fit all types of guitar and styles of player. The guitar footstool is typically used when the guitar has no strap and the player needs to keep the instrument placed comfortably on the knee. 

Musicians choose to play the guitar in many different ways depending on style but some players like to use a plectrum. This is a thin “rain drop” shaped piece of plastic used to strum the strings instead of the fingers. Another guitar accessory musicians sometimes choose to use is called a capo, short for capotasto. This is a device intended to shorten the length of the instruments strings thus, raising the pitch. 

One accessory that the majority of guitar players are going to need among their kit is a guitar tuner. This is a device used by the musician to detect and sometimes display the pitch of the note played by each of the six strings. Tuners come in many forms and work differently with the different types of guitar. The simplest of tuners utilize LED lights .  More expensive tuners will actually display the note being played and by how much the guitar needs tuning. There are also some advanced improvements with app tuners that may be considered.