Guitar Bags

We offer an extensive range of padded guitar bags to keep your equipment safe for life on the road!  Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, we have something for everyone.  All of our guitar gig bags offer some level of padding for protection and many have additional features such as backpack straps and storage pockets.  Alongside our guitar bags we offer a range of guitar cases which offer a greater level of protection. See More
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Guitar Cases - Useful Information

What Size Guitar Bag Will I Need?

Typically speaking, the bags are designed to match the style of your guitar, so there are electric guitar bags, acoustic guitar bags and so on.  However as all guitars vary in shape and size we do recommend you check the specification on each product for the dimensions.

How Much Padding Do Your Guitar Bags Offer?
This varies by manufacturer, most of our Cobra padded bags offer a good 10mm of protective padding to keep your equipment safe. 

Should I Choose a Hard Case or Bag?
This somewhat depends upon your usage.  Hard guitar cases can be better for storage or if the guitar is likely to be transported with other heavy equipment (band set-up's etc).  However a padded guitar bag is easier to carry about, especially for students attending music lessons and the right one will still offer a good degree of protection for everyday use. 

What Straps Do They Have?
This varies by model.  The vast majority of our guitar bags come with different carrying options, including backpack straps, carry handle or shoulder straps.  Please check the product description or contact us if you are unsure. 

Are The Dimensions Internal or External?
We try to put both on all of our guitar cases and gig bags, but please check carefully!  Unless stated otherwise the dimensions quoted would be the external dimensions. 

Do You Customise Guitar Bags or Offer Bespoke Cases?
No sadly we don't offer this service on any of the gig bags or guitar cases, we think they look great as they are though.